Breeders Links & Contacts


Below you will find links to contact details of club members that are Registered Chihuahua Breeders in Australia

The Chihuahua Club of NSW is an affiliate of Dogs NSW -which is the state member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).
A registered breeder means registered with the ANKC, not any other body.
Please check that anyone you wish to deal with is an ANKC registered breeder.
Mains register pedigree papers are Blue. Limited register pedigree papers are Orange.
ALL ANKC registered breeders MUST provide pedigree papers with every dog that leaves them.
No puppies can be sold under 8 weeks of age-without exception.
The club does not recommend any registered breeder member above another.



NSW - Barry Woodburn


NSW - Jane Geftlick - [email protected]


NSW - Jackie and David Herboldt


NSW - Valerie Morse

Grandimage Chihuahuas

NSW - Paige Howes


NSW - Jacinta Bates   - [email protected]  0439 760 020


QLD - Jennifer Watt

If you are a financial member of the Club, and Registered with DogsNSW (or your own state body), and would like to be included above, please email the club with details.






Contact Details

The Secretary
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0407288997
Email : [email protected]